Swedish online learning in comfortable environment

Flexible starting dates and class schedules to meet your needs

You can choose:
– when you want to start the Swedish language course

We launch our courses continually throughout the year. You can join us anytime and choose the time when you want to start your training.

In the case of our individual courses, you can start the language training within 10 days of registration.

 However, if you prefer to learn in a small group (maximum 4 participants), your course will start as soon as we have a sufficient number of participants.

– how intensively you would like to study

We prepare your weekly class schedule in accordance with your needs.

We will collaborate with you in order to decide on the number of weekly classes that suits you best, ranging from a minimum of 2 lessons to a maximum of 25 lessons per week.

– at what time should the classes start

We will set your weekly Swedish class schedule according to your availability.

During our preliminary discussions, we will also clarify whether a weekly stable class schedule would be more suitable for you or one that differs weekly.

For example, if you work regular hours and want to learn Swedish, we can offer you a fixed class schedule for the days that suit you best.

If you work in healthcare for instance and have to work different shifts, we recommend that you opt for our most flexible course type that enables you to design your course schedule in a different way each week.

If you are a student, we can adjust your Swedish classes to your weekly class schedule at university or college. We can also modify your class schedule during the exam periods or pause the course for a few weeks.