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We offer tailor-made, goal-oriented courses both for individuals and for small groups

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Flexible starting dates and class schedules to meet your needs

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Favourable prices and option to pay in instalments

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The Socialstyrelsen accepts our C1 level certificate

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Flexible schedule

Flexible schedule

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Swedish language courses from beginner to advanced level

Units comprising of 50 lessons

Flexible course scheduling

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Medical language courses for Healthcare Professionals

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What do our Swedish courses offer you?

Personal attention, plenty of language practice and successful language acquisition.

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Our Language Center has over 16 years of experience in the field of language instruction.
We are proud to say that over the years we have provided a large number of language learners with effective language learning opportunities, with the help of which they successfully passed language exams, found great employment opportunities, performed exceptionally during their studies abroad or made new friends on their travels.

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  • When do the Swedish language courses start?

    We offer Swedish language courses throughout the year.
    If you want to learn individually, you can start the course within 10 days of registration.
    If you choose to study in a group, your course will start as soon as we have a sufficient number of participants with similar goals and needs.

  • How do you schedule the lessons?

    At InterLanguage, we organize your lessons in a way that best fits your personal schedule.
    During the application procedure you can tell us which days and time frames would be suitable for you and we will schedule your lessons accordingly. For groups, we schedule the lessons for a time frame that is appropriate for all the participants.

  • How many lessons per week do the courses consist of?

    In our language school, one lesson lasts 45 minutes and it is recommended to take a minimum of 2 lessons (2x45 minutes) on one occasion. The slowest path is a language course with only 2 lessons per week.
    However, many students want to commit to a quicker pace, therefore we offer several possibilities:
    Our intensive courses consist of a maximum of 25 lessons (25x45 minutes) per week.
    Upon request we can also offer semi-intensive courses (10-15 lessons a week).
    If you study or work full time, we recommend taking a course that includes 4 to 6 lessons per week.
    We have also developed a special rapid course for individual learners.

  • How long does it take to get from beginner level to C1 level?

    The duration of Swedish language courses depends on the number of lessons given each week.
    Our courses consist of 15 units from beginner to C1 level, and each unit comprises of 50 lessons. Based on our experience, for a beginner it takes about 750 lessons (750 x 45 minutes) to reach C1 level.

  • Is there a possibility to learn Swedish faster?

    Yes, depending on the effort a participant is willing to make, it is possible to accelerate the language learning progress. For this purpose, we have developed a special rapid course for individual learners.

  • How many lessons do I need to take if I decide to enrol for a course?

    You can decide whether you want to register immediately for a complete Swedish language course (from beginner to C1 level) or for each 50-lesson unit separately.