How do I register and enrol?

If you would like to proceed with the enrolment for a Swedish course, you will be asked first to complete and return the contact form below.

Alternatively, you can contact our staff who are ready to answer all of your questions via e-mail or phone, on WhatsApp or Viber. During this personal consultation, we can discuss any further details you are interested in regarding our Swedish courses. After that we will recommend you the form of training that best suits your goals.

If you have studied Swedish before, we offer you a placement test to evaluate your current language level before enrolling in a Swedish course at our school.

The purpose of the placement test is to ensure that you start learning Swedish with us at a language level that suits you best.

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The next step to proceed is enrolment.

At the time of enrolment, you can choose to register for:

– one unit, which consists of 50 lessons

– for a course to progress to the next language level (depending on your level, it may consist of 2, 3 or 4 units)

– the complete language training, from beginner to C1 level

You have, of course, the option to enrol only for one unit at a time and then complete the full course by taking one unit after the other. You can start a new module, i.e. continue your language studies to reach a new language level, after you have passed the appropriate level exam at A1, A2, B1 or B2 level.

As a next step we finalise your Swedish language training’s class schedule, the starting date, how intensively you will study and we also take note of any personal requests you may have.

After that you are asked to make the payment.

Payment method

The fee can be paid by bank card or by bank transfer. 

You have two options to pay: either by a lump sum for the full course or by instalments.

In case of an individual course, the minimum amount of an instalment to be paid is the equivalent to the fee for 25 lessons.

In case of an intensive course, the minimum amount of an instalment to be paid is the equivalent to the fee for the number of lessons taught within the period of two weeks.

In case of group courses, the minimum amount of an instalment to be paid is the fee for the specific unit.

You are ready to start the course after we arranged all relevant details, and you have paid either for the full course or the first instalment.

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