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We at InterLanguage Language Center believe it is essential that teachers pay personal attention to each of our Swedish language learners.

Our instructors do their best to ensure that course participants learn the course material and effectively develop the necessary language skills. Therefore, we spend plenty of time on practicing the newly taught material both in speaking and in writing. Regular revision is also part of our curriculum.

How it works in practice:

During the lessons, every participant has the opportunity to speak Swedish while practicing the various communication tasks with the teacher paying attention to the activities.

We track the progress of every participant based on their homework and classroom participation.

If a participant needs additional help or practice with a particular topic or skill, we integrate it into the lesson or provide additional homework.

We adapt to the individual learning pace of the participants.

In case of individual tuition, the pace of the lessons and the course will be determined by the participant’s needs.

In case of a small group, we will offer additional classes for extra practice to those who progress at a slower pace.

Our language learners receive continuous feedback from the teachers on their progress in acquiring the Swedish language.

Our instructors are always welcome participants’ questions and requests during the course.

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