The InterLanguage team and the Swedish teachers in the office standing before the world map

We offer tailor-made, goal-oriented language courses both for individuals and for small groups

We find it particularly important to personalize our language courses to match your own needs and goals. Our aim is to enable you to learn and improve in a way that is the most effective for you. We construct our courses right from the very first steps till the final adjustments to provide flexibility.

You can contact our staff by phone, email or via our website and our colleagues will help you find the training type which is the most suitable for your learning style.

Our courses for small groups (consisting of two to four participants) guarantee that we can pay attention to your individual needs during the whole training process and offer tailor-made learning materials and class schedule.

We design each one of our courses so that they correspond with your predetermined study objectives.

Our school offers general language courses from beginner to level C1, as well as courses which focus on improving your professional vocabulary and on developing specific professional language skills.

We also offer courses that combine elements of general and professional language courses in line with the particular requirements of your profession.

Our courses are module-based, the modules are divided into units. Each unit is composed of 50 lessons.

You have a variety of options: you can enrol in a single unit; in a course that will help you progress to the next level; or for a course that starts at beginner level and ends at level C1.

If you can already speak some Swedish, it is also possible for you to join our courses at the level which is appropriate for you.

We also offer a test to assess your prior knowledge and skills accurately in order to find the right level for you.

The modular system enables us to provide flexibility for joining our courses at any level.